Sep 15, 2012

Ashton, Idaho

it wasn't our first choice for a honeymoon. but when my passport went missing the day before our wedding we weren't left with much of a choice. our perfect trip we had planned to cabo was not happening. Taylor's neighbor offered us his cabin in Idaho, and so off we went. at first i was still bummed and dreaming about the beach and the house we had rented in cabo. i felt horrible, guilty, and mad at myself. i didn't want to seem selfish but i couldn't help it.
while we were there, i fell in love with idaho. it was so peaceful and i felt like we were the only two people in the world. this taught me it doesn't matter where i am in the world, all i need is taylor and i'm completely happy. it's not about where i am or what i have, but who i'm with that matters.
we went fishing, motorcycling, and shot guns. this was never something i dreamed my honeymoon would be, but somehow it was more perfect than i could have imagined. we can now go back and visit the place of our honeymoon whenever we want, which i think is romantic. i'm glad i got to spend an incredible week with my love. 

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